Home insurance

Home insurance does not protect your home from accidents, but it can compensate for the financial losses that accompany them! Home insurance is a type of property insurance, which insures both your residential property and material possessions in it. If you have a valid insurance contract, you can be sure that you will be safe from any large unexpected expenses in case of an accident, and that home insurance will help you restore it to the condition prior to the accident as quickly and easily as possible! Home insurance protects you from problems associated with unexpected situations!
Subject matter of insurance

What does home insurance insure against?

Home insurance allows you to insure your:

- apartment,
- house,
- terraced or paired house,
- part of the building,
- building under construction,
- summer cottage,
- neighbouring building (sauna, shed, etc.).

In case of home insurance, insurance amount always means a replacement cost of the subject, which usually differs from its market value.

Housing and material possessions it contains can be insured against selected or all risks.
In the case of home insurance against selected risks, only risks selected and marked by you in the policy shall be insured, for example:

- fire;
- water line breakdown;
- vandalism;
- natural disaster.

In the case of home insurance against all risks, your home is insured against all risks that have not been excluded in terms and conditions of the home insurance contract.

In addition, home insurance allows you to insure temporary accommodation expenses – these costs shall be reimbursed if your home has become unfit for life as a result of an insured event.