Motor insurance is strictly required for vehicle owners with a valid motor insurance policy in order to exempt them from having to cover the damages caused to third parties, as well as for rapid redress. To obtain an offer for motor insurance suitable just for you, you must place a request for the motor insurance offer, depending on which you will be able to choose the insurance company that suits you and sign a motor insurance contract. A request for the motor insurance offer is primary information and according to it the insurance company will calculate the motor insurance rate for you, which is calculated by motor insurance calculator on the basis of the conditions set by insurers. Motor Insurance Calculator - Pluss Kindlustusmaakler will show you the price comparison for different insurance companies and you'll be able to choose the best option for you according to it.
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Why do I need motor insurance?

Motor insurance compensates for the damage caused to third parties in an accident by a vehicle controlled by you. In addition, the motor insurance reimburses the medical costs of the guilty vehicle driver, particularly damage caused to road signs or buildings. On the other hand, this kind of insurance does not cover damage to the vehicle driven by the guilty driver – for such coverage one must enter into a separate CNC insurance contract. Motor insurance is strictly required for vehicle owners with a valid motor insurance policy in order to exempt them from having to cover the damages caused to third parties, as well as for rapid redress.

Motor insurance and conclusion of the motor insurance contract

Because motor insurance is compulsory, the insurance contract must be signed by the owner of the vehicle or a person registered in the Vehicle Registration Certificate as its user. Motor insurance contract for a vehicle owned by another person can be signed by a person authorised to use this vehicle or another person authorised in writing to enter into a contract. For a daily used vehicle, you must execute a standard compulsory motor insurance contract. The existence of a valid motor insurance of your vehicle is confirmed and proved (if necessary) using the Insurance Certificate issued to you, i.e. the document indicating the period of validity of the motor insurance, the insurance company that issued such Certificate and premium calculated according to the Insurance Certificate. Motor insurance and types of insurance certificates: Insurance (standard) Certificate – a document confirming the existence of a valid motor insurance in Estonia and other Member States of the European Economic Area. Green Card – a certificate of a standard motor insurance contract valid in foreign States specified in it. The Green Card is issued free of charge upon your request. The Green Card can be issued for the same period of motor insurance, during which a standard Insurance Certificate is in effect.

Motor insurance and indemnification

There are always at least two sides in a traffic accident – the guilty person and the victim. Motor insurance shall compensate for the damage incurred by the victim due to a traffic accident. Property damage to the guilty person is not refunded. Motor insurance reimburses only medical expenses to the person responsible for the occurred accident. The insurer is obliged to compensate for the damage due to a traffic accident in the amount specified in the motor insurance contract and the Road Traffic Act. Damage shall be compensated only if: - a vehicle has a valid motor insurance certificate; - damage was caused by the movement or placement of the vehicle; - there is a causal relationship between the movement or placement of the vehicle and the damage caused; - the vehicle owner is liable for the resulting damage. Motor insurance will not indemnify the portion of the damage in excess of the amount insured.

Motor Insurance Calculator – compulsory vehicle insurance and the calculation of insurance rates

After receiving your request for motor insurance, we can offer you motor insurance options from different insurance companies, so you can choose the option most suitable for you. The Motor Insurance Calculator is used for the calculation of conditions and rates of insurance and it calculates the motor insurance conditions for your vehicle and the amount of insurance premium required to secure them. The Motor Insurance Calculator considers the type and purpose of use of the vehicle as well as city or county, which is home to the owner or responsible user of the vehicle. For example, the Motor Insurance Calculator takes into account the following factors: - whether a vehicle is a passenger car, motorcycle, truck, etc.; - whether a vehicle is in personal use or used as a school vehicle or taxi, whether it is a car with special signals used to perform urgent official tasks or a vehicle of another purpose; - whether an owner or a responsible user of the vehicle lives in the countryside or city (risk ratio varies by region). In addition, the Motor Insurance Calculator considers the duration of effective period of the insurance contract, as well as the risk coefficient for the owner or responsible user of the vehicle. All clients can get acquainted with their motor insurance history data at the website of the Estonian Traffic Insurance Fund. If you want to get a motor insurance offer suitable just for you, please request the motor insurance offer from our consultants and we will find the suitable insurance solution.